Formula Stability

PhytoSpherix® can also confer increased phase stability, storage stability, and in mixing procedures where other ingredients are introduced as an additional step.

The impact of PhytoSpherix® on emulsion stability was evaluated with accelerated stability tests.  Oil-in-water emulsions containing 0.5% PhytoSpherix® or 0.5% hyaluronic acid were centrifuged for 2 min at 8000 rpm and inspected for visible signs of phase separation.  The emulsion containing hyaluronic acid showed significant phase separation but the PhytoSpherix® sample did not (Image 1).  Emulsions containing either PhytoSpherix® or hyaluronic acid were also stored at 45 °C for 2 months and compared.  The hyaluronic acid emulsion separated into two distinct phases but the PhytoSpherix® emulsion did not show any visible signs of instability (Image 2).


Image 1. Rapid Centrifuge Test


Image 2. Accelerated Stability Test (2 months @ 45°C)