Nanotechnology in Cosmetics

Due to their size, nanomaterials possess many properties that differ from their chemically identical but much larger counterparts.  These properties can be used to create innovative solutions to problems that would not otherwise be possible.  Nanomaterials are used in a wide variety of industries and are the underlying mechanism to many important technologies used today.  With the use of nanotechnology, materials with greater strength and structural integrity, improved electrical conductivity, enhanced texture, longer shelf-life, and improved UV protection have successfully been developed.

The use of nanomaterials in the cosmetics industry has received much interest in recent years.  Their small size allows them to provide better UV protection, deeper skin penetration, increased skin hydration, better colour and finish quality, and longer-lasting effects. However, health concerns regarding the safe use of nanomaterials is cosmetics has limited their widespread acceptance in this area.

Mirexus provides the world’s only safe and natural nanocosmetic product, PhytoSpherix™.  Only 70 nm in diameter, PhytoSpherix™ offers the benefits of nanotechnology while safeguarding the beauty and health of consumers.  With PhytoSpherix™, not only can the texture and efficacy of cosmetic products be improved, but innovative formulations with novel functions and solutions never before possible can now be realized.

Even though PhytoSpherix™ is nano in size, it is not considered a “nanomaterial” by regulatory and certification bodies.  This is because it is water soluble, is not biopersistant and is not intentionally manufactured (engineered).  Learn More