For many years, scientists have been trying to produce safe, cost effective nanomaterials.  It turns out that nature had already solved that problem, and the solution was sitting right on our dinner plates. Mirexus has taken what nature has given us in non-GMO corn and extracted a nanomaterial that is completely safe (edible), water soluble and biodegradable.

 PhytoSpherix® is chemically identical to glycogen.   Glycogen is a natural polysaccharide (sugar) that you already have in your body.  Your body naturally stores glycogen as a source of energy (as do many other animals and plants).

Aside from being safe and natural, this botanical extract shows an intriguing variety of unique, diverse and valuable properties.  As a multifunctional additive, PhytoSpherix® can be used to improve skin hydration and barrier function, improve the feel of formulations, and enhance the performance of other actives by stabilizing them from thermo and/or photodegradation.