Product Applications

Skin Care & Benefits

  • PhytoSpherix® nanoparticles have exceptional water retention properties.  This property is highly desirable in moisturizing cosmetic preparations, e.g. lotions and creams. The water retention of PhytoSpherix® even outperforms the current gold standard in moisturizers: hyaluronic acid.
  • PhytoSpherix® can also be used in synergy with hyaluronic acid to provide an even more powerful hydrating effect.
  • Commercial literature indicates that polysaccharides like PhytoSpherix® may have skin rejuvenating properties by promoting growth of structural skin cells.
  • PhytoSpherix® is also very effective at scattering harmful light such as UV, and this property can be used to protect and stabilize light sensitive materials such as vitamins, colours and other active ingredients.

Formulation Benefits

  • PhytoSpherix® is a film-former allowing the formation of ultra-thin coatings (films) on surfaces (such as the coating of human hair by a hair conditioner).
  • Aqueous suspensions of PhytoSpherix® show unique flow behavior. Normally, polysaccharide suspensions in water are very viscous, even at concentrations as low as 1% by weight. Because our particles are monodisperse, you can pack A LOT of the material in a solution before the particles fill up the space and bump into each other.  Thus, we can add over 20% to water before the solution becomes viscous.
  • PhytoSpherix® can dramatically improve the physical stability of creams and serums.
  • PhytoSpherix® is very effective in enhancing the solubility of many active ingredients.
  • PhytoSpherix® nanoparticles show outstanding long-term stability when dispersed in water.  Dispersions are stable for at least four years – the longest test performed to date.
  • PhytoSpherix® nanoparticles scatter light very efficiently. This property is highly desirable in products like color cosmetic products (such as makeup and hair color) as it enhances the color brilliance of these formulations.