2018 Beauty Industry Awards Selects PhytoSpherix® as Finalist for Best Skin Care Ingredient

CosmeticsDesign’s Beauty Industry Award recognises innovation in the beauty industry. With over 150 entries from manufacturers and suppliers around the world, Mirexus’ PhytoSpherix® was selected as one of three finalists for the Best Skin Care Ingredient as announced yesterday (April 18th) during the award ceremony held at the In-Cosmetics Global event, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Finishing in the top 3 is a great honor for PhytoSpherix® and a validation of its value in the market” said Boris Segalowitch, President of Mirexus Inc.  “We also wish to congratulate Givaudan for winning first prize.”

PhytoSpherix® is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants. This new ingredient’s powerful anti-aging activity, luxurious hydrating effects and ease of use are sure to make it the next must-have cosmetic ingredient.

For additional information on PhytoSpherix® please contact sales@mirexus.com..

Beauty Industry Awards were organised by CosmeticsDesign, a leading and best read online publication serving the cosmetics and personal care industry. The three regional websites publish daily online news for cosmetic manufacturing companies in Asia, Pacific, Europe and the Americas on a free-access basis. Their expertise helps to deliver targeted news articles covering areas of vital importance to decision makers, including formation, packaging, market trends and legislation.

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