Mirexus to Exhibit at the Suppliers’ Day, 2018 in New York

MIREXUS is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Suppliers’ Day, 2018 The Premiere Tradeshow Event of the NYSCC. We invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about PhytoSpherix® a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants. This new ingredient’s powerful anti-aging activity, luxurious hydrating effects and ease of use are sure to make it the next must-have ingredient.


  • Is a powerful anti-aging ingredient – Increases cellular metabolism and promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production in skin cells.
  • Is a superb moisturizer– Tightly holds water for long periods of time and boosts hydration performance when used on its own or in combination with HA (hyaluronic acid).
  • Is a formulator’s dream– Does not impact the rheology of formulations, is water soluble, non-ionic, and temperature stable

Be sure to visit us at booth 879 to learn more about PhytoSpherix®. For additional information please contactsales@mirexus.com.