EnerZeaTM–Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Skincare Ingredient

Compensates for the energy deficit of aging and stressed cells and improve conditions of urban living skin.

Complete Approach to
Pollution Induced Skin damage: 

– Creates an invisible and flexible barrier against pollutants, irritants and allergens.

– Preserves the natural barrier function of the skin from environmental aggressions.

– Smoothens the micro-relief and Improves the overall appearance (surface, radiance).

– Reduces inflammation caused by pollution, reduces redness and dehydration.

In-vivo study results: 

– Skin recovered faster kin recovered faster with EnerZea™ after chemicals irritation, skin protected with EnerZea™ was much less affected by chemicals.

– Skin was much less affected with EnerZea™ applied before than after irritation, with no burning sensation.

  • EnerZea™ protects and repair skin against stress and damages induced by pollutants.
  • It physically protects the skin, and fights against the effects of pollution and their induced skin damage, exhibiting oxidative and inflammatory stress reduction and skin barrier repair.
    It is not only a protective screen preventing the penetration of pollutants, but it also reduces the induced damages.
  • EnerZea™ has good anti-inflammatory, and soothing activity on chemically or inflamed skin.

EnerZea™ protects cells against toxicity and damages initiated by environmental pollutants.

Helps preventing premature skin aging

EnerZea™ helps skin recovery from inflammation

Suitable for sensitive and reactive skins, EnerZea™ stimulates and reinforces skin’s natural protection leading to a more luminous and smoother appearance.