PhytoSpherix® recovers skin luminosity and enhances skin tone.

In our skin, glycogen is also produced in stressful conditions (UV exposure) to improve the skin’s cell health as an “emergency response”.

The ability of our cells to produce energy decreases over time. Adding glycogen topically provides the most efficient energy source to our cells for a multi-functional effect on the overall skin appearance.


Picture1 skin tone before F Picture1 skin tone after F
Recovery of Skin luminosity at 0.1% PhytoSpherix®

Up to:

  • -15% rednesss
  • + 7% skin radiance
  • + 7% skin homogeneity

Dark Spot Fighter

Picture2 skin tone before F Picture2 skin tone after F
Skin tone enhancement at 0.3% PhytoSpherix®

Up to:

  • -59% in pigmentation area
Resulting in

  • + 12% skin homogeneity

Even Skin Tone

Subjects said 


"I have a more even complexion"


"My complexion is more radiant"


"I see a blemish reduction"