PhytoSpherix® tightly binds water for long periods of time and boosts hydration performance when used on its own or in combination with HA (hyaluronic acid).

PhytoSpherix® retains moisture longer than the best moisturizing agents and has the potential to be an exceptional new moisturizing additive.

In oil-in-water formulations, the hydration effect of PhytoSpherix® was compared with hyaluronic acid.

Figure 1: Comparison of the water retention capacity of PhytoSpherix®, glycerol, PEG 400 and hyaluronic acid

Graph showing the enhanced 'moisturizing' effect of 'PhytoSpherix' ('Phytoglycogen')
Figure 2: The combination of PhytoSpherix® and hyaluronic acid provides a greater skin hydration impact than either material on its own.

Superb Moisturizer

Subjects said 


"My skin is more soothed"


"My skin is more comfortable"


"My skin is less sensitive"


"My skin is hydrated"

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