Nature's Little Secret

PhytoSpherix® is a platform technology, boasting many valuable properties and performance characteristics that can be leveraged across a wide variety of personal care applications.

A Natural Skincare Active For


PhytoSpherix® retains moisture longer than the best moisturizing agents and has the potential to be an exceptional new moisturizing additive.


PhytoSpherix® significantly improved the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, making it a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It also showed enhanced performance in reducing hyperpigmentation and significant improvement in evenness of skin tone and smoothness.


PhytoSpherix® recovers skin luminosity and  enhances skin tone. PhytoSpherix® helps smooth the skin, visibly improving texture as well as discoloration.


PhytoSpherix® gives formulations an improved skin feel and texture compared to Hyaluronic acid. PhytoSpherix® formulation was found to have a superior feel in all evaluated aspects and was preferred by all participants.

Glycogen benefits with 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen")

Glycogen Benefits in Skin

Glycogen is known to increase ceramide production by stimulating keratinocytes, and to improve skin moisture and skin barrier function. It also promotes production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in epidermal cells by activating cellular metabolism.

It is said to provide significant protection from several damaging components of environmental pollution, while also providing significant protection against moisture loss and damage due to free radical activity and ultraviolet light.

Glycogen Metabolism in the Skin

UV light irradiation induces an increase in glycogen content in the epidermis. Increased cellular glycogen content is one of the responses of epidermal cells to wounding and the glycogen is believed to provide the energy necessary to meet the demand of rapid growth often attributed to disturbed epidermal cells.

Glycogen is present in embryonic epithelial cells and appear again under conditions of inflammation or abnormal proliferation in epidermis, provoked by exposure to UV light, cuts or abrasions. Glycogen metabolism operates as an alternative energy source, enabling cell growth under conditions of metabolic stress.

Glycogen benefits with 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen")