Mirexus Inc. & PhytoSpherix®

Mirexus Inc., a subsidiary of Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc, is a natural biomaterials company based in Guelph, Ontario that offers unique, natural solutions to the Personal Care & Cosmetics industries. Our proprietary biomaterial PhytoSpherix® (natural phytoglycogen) has the unique advantage of being safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.

PhytoSpherix® (Plant-based Glycogen)
Phytoglycogen is a natural polysaccharide that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Its highly branched dendrimeric physical structure combined with its non-ionic nature, contribute to its added benefits over those of common polysaccharides.

Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc.

Established in 2008, is commercializing a safe and natural glycogen extracted from sweet corn that can be used in applications from cosmetics to nutrition to animal and human health.

Phytoglycogen Manufacturing

Our production team brings many years of experience and work closely together with the sales team to ensure our product and quality needs are met in a timely manner. They demonstrate strong skills, knowledge and dedication that brings excellent customer service.

Mirexus is committed to scientific excellence in all we do. We have dedicated personal care, chemistry and biology labs that allow us to ensure our products and applications are validated thoroughly.

Glycogen Research

Our Roadmap

Mirexus Biotechnologies was started after researchers isolated monodisperse PhytoSpherix in sweet corn.
Ecocert and Cosmos approved 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen
Cosmos & Ecocert Certification
Mirexus office building producing 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen
New Manufacturing & Research Facility
Mirexus expands in Asia with Singapore office.
Mirexus 3
Creation of subsidiary company Mirexus Inc. with targeted market focuses on Personal Care
Health Canada approved 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen
Approved as food ingredient in CANADA
Introduced PhytoSpherixTM LIQUID Form
PhytoSpherixTM L105