'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen") natrual anti-aging ingedient
The Multi-Functional Glycogen

PhytoSpherix® is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a new, patented green process in Canada. As a highly branched polysaccharide with a unique structure, it is used for its humectant and film-forming properties.

As a key energy source to skin cells, it helps to revitalize skin – dramatically improving smoothness, minimizing age spots and refining skin tone while increasing firmness and moisture content of the skin. PhytoSpherix® provides a smooth and silky finish when applied to the skin.

PhytoSpherix® : Efficacy you can see and feel

Superb Moisturizer

PhytoSpherix® improves perception of skin feel by softening the surface, providing immediate and long lasting hydration.

Anti-Aging Ingredient

PhytoSpherix® acts as a cellular energizer to normalize skin cell functions, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration.

Even Skin Tone

PhytoSpherix® helps smooth the skin, visibly improving texture as well as discoloration.

Velvety Sensory

PhytoSpherix® provides long-lasting hydration with enhanced sensory appeal.

PhytoSpherix®: Stored Cellular Energy

Glycogen is naturally present in our body. When needed, our muscles use glycogen as the first source of energy as it is readily available and quickly transformed into glucose.

In our skin, glycogen is also produced in stressful conditions (UV exposure) to improve the skin’s cell energy level as an “emergency response”.

The ability of our cells to produce energy decreases over time. Adding glycogen topically provides an efficient energy source to our cells for a multifunctional effect on the overall skin appearance. .

Cellular energy booster, Skin penetration

PhytoSpherix® increases the metabolic activity of fibroblasts.

In vitro studies conducted on human fibroblast cells exposed to 0.05% after 36 hours revealed PhytoSpherix​® increases cellular growth rate, collagen production, and hyaluronic acid production.

Penetration through human skin.

We have demonstrated that fluorescently labelled PhytoSpherix® penetrates human skin to depths corresponding to the dermal layer, suggesting that PhytoSpherix® formulated in a cream can reach live skin cells to enhance metabolism and promote the endogenous production of biopolymers essential for healthy skin.

“Invented by nature, purified by Mirexus, and now available for your skin wellness.”