PhytoSpherix® provides long-lasting hydration with enhanced sensory appeal.

PhytoSpherix® improves perception of the skin feel by softening the surface.  The molecule provides more structure and uniformity to emulsions thus giving formulations an improved feel and texture. PhytoSpherix® is readily absorbed by the epidermis which gives it an instant glow.

PhytoSpherix® helps to smooth the skin, visibly improving its texture and sensory appearance.

PhytoSpherix® gives formulations an improved skin feel and texture compared to Hyaluronic acid. The PhytoSpherix® formulation was found to have a superior feel in all evaluated aspects and was preferred by all participants.
Graph showing the enhanced 'sensory feel' of 'PhytoSpherix' ('phytoglycogen")

Velvety Skin Feel

Subjects said 


"My skin is more silky"


"My complexion is more radiant"


"My skin is soothed"